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At Miranda Vinyl Products, we have had a long, cozy relationship with our customers. For decades, our window have been gracing people homes and protecting them from the Canadian climate. We have been manufacturing the finest quality window 1971. Miranda Vinyl Products is a family owned business, established by john Miranda. The company was built through hard work and an adherence to traditional values, and has proudly taken its place as one of Ontario’s leading window manufactures.

Unlike many other manufactures, Miranda Vinyl Products still stress the tradition of craftsmanship in all its products. Yet we recognize the importance of keeping up with the ever-changing design demands of the home renovation industry. We also strive to in corporate the latest energy efficiency innovations in our products.

Miranda Vinyl Products has formed long-term relationships with many, many home renovation Dealers and Contractor can help you select the model that's best suited to your décor needs as well as your budget. For instance our high quality and energy efficient vinyl windows for GTA home renovations are very popular. We service home owners, contractors and home renovation dealers in the GTA such as Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville. Hamilton, Vaughan and surrounding areas. Contact us at (416) 749-5061 or visit our online form.

At Miranda Vinyl Products, we take great pride in our products – enough pride in fact, to put our name on every window we manufacture. Few other window makers care enough to do that. Look for our name on the window installed in your home and feel comfortable about living with us for as long as you live there!

Only authorized dealers can sell and install Miranda Vinyl Products.

Our Story

will help you understand why you can choose Miranda windows with full confidence


It's not often that you have to buy windows for your home. How much thought do you put into your decisions? Consider your choice carefully because it will show!


Quality windows make a home more beautiful and comfortable, inside and out. No other design decision will matter if the windows you choose don't perform. Miranda quality windows are your assurance of beauty, endurance and energy efficiency. And they show your home in it's best light.


It really matters who makes the windows. Miranda has lead the window industry in development and manufacture of superior products through the careful application of high quality materials, standards and technical expertise.